Thursday 25 April 2019

Concept & Consulting

Even the best product, the most-innovative process or a service that is the last word will ultimately fail if the correct marketing communications tools are not applied.

Attempting to set up complex structures in one´s own company is not always the wisest or most advisable solution. Equally, trying to stop the gap by assigning marketing tasks to unqualified personnel will not yield success.

So what is the best solution? We believe that a successful corporate and marketing communications strategy revolves around the following three-pillar system:

Comprehensive Analaysis: of the product, market, competitors, target groups, sales channels, media etc… 

Concept Design: targets, goals, marketing and communications plan, budgets, tools etc…

Implementation: structures, partners, production 

Uwe Scholz NTC offers a wide range of services in all the above areas based on many years of experience in the IT and telecommunications sectors and expert knowledge of all marketing and PR tools.

Strategy clarification workshops can also prove especially effective at this stage of the project in which capable employees get together at a round table to discuss fundamental basics and goals. A pooling of expertise takes place and a detailed analysis is then drawn up based on the results achieved. This forms the basis for the entire marketing concept that follows.

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