Wednesday 24 April 2019


Uwe Scholz New Technology Communications is a PR and marketing communications agency offering a wide range of services from consultancy and concept design to project support for complex products and services at a national and international level. In the New Technology environment of today, innovations are pioneered first and foremost by small and medium companies. The high-tech sector poses a real challenge to marketing communications. Having said this, it is precisely the technology-driven company that often lacks the vital structures as well as the necessary resources and experience to develop a hard-hitting communications strategy.

This is where Uwe Scholz NTC comes in: we develop PR concepts, structures and tools as part of a comprehensive marketing communications strategy for the particular market, product or company. We also liaise with a network of experienced international partners to ensure that the strategies developed are implemented and executed accordingly.

The benefits for potential clients can be summed up as follows: a marketing communications strategy tailored to the client´s individual needs which will guarantee the best possible results in the most flexible manner possible without a large overhead outlay.

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