Tuesday 18 June 2019

Partner & Networks

Uwe Scholz NTC offers a large range of in-house services and for those services that we do not provide ourselves, we work with long-established partners. Our tried and tested network of international associates allows us to tailor our services to our client´s needs and to implement projects worldwide.

Cobago Systems GmbH & Co. KG

cobago Systems

cobago designs, develops and markets an integrated application and service platform for the mobile Internet. It optimises the secure and integrated usage of business applications through tablets, smartphones and PCs/notebooks. Uwe Scholz supports cobago with marketing conception and public relations.



Zonicgroup is a globally-active marketing and public relations agency with its main focus on North and South America, Asia and Europe. Over the last 10 years, Uwe Scholz is working as account director central Europe for Zonicgroup.



ComCALA is a relatively young agency specializing in communications in Latin America. Uwe Scholz NTC liaises with ComCala to ensure that strategies developed can also be implemented adequately in the CALA region.



NetEvents organizes a series of events worldwide bringing together manufacturers and the media. Over 100 journalist and company reps meet several times a year in Europe, Asia and America to discuss and exchange ideas about new developments. NetEvents TV complements these activities with a business TV channel. Uwe Scholz NTC has worked very successfully with NetEvents over the last number of years.


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