Thursday 25 April 2019

Public Relations

Classical PR as we know it is changing rapidly. Needless to say the internet has revolutionized the media landscape. Nevertheless – or maybe exactly for this reason – PR still remains a highly valuable and efficient tool for marketing communications. The trick now is to transform the traditional PR strategy into the modern age – without losing sight of the primary objectives.

Implementing PR strategies tailored to our clients´ needs as well as offering press support both nationally and internationally is a core part of our business. In collaboration with our international partners we channel our expertise into the information technology and telecommunications sectors, thus guaranteeing extreme efficiency in these areas.

To address our client´s situation more efficiently we offer flexible cooperation possibilities. We know all too well that budgets can be tight when a market launch is planned and that they can also be very success-oriented. In principal we offer the following options:

Time-limited project support:  We offer clients consultancy and project support at a fixed daily rate for a specific period of time.

Retainer: The retainer agreement guarantees greater efficiency due to the fact that a longer-term partnership allows us to build up a network of external contacts for the individual client. This is more productive in the long run. The specific details of a retainer agreement depend on the targets set and the scope of work involved and will vary from client to client.

Individual Services: Compared to a longer-term partnership this option is less efficient and normally leads to less-promising results. However it may, in some cases, be the only option available. Uwe Scholz NTC offers individual services such as: preparation of professional PR articles, PR dispatch, PR translations, interviews and organization of journalist briefings or conferences at a fixed rate per service.

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