Thursday 25 April 2019

Menlo Security Isolation Platform Powers IIJ's Secure Web Browsing Service

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) service prevents malware with ACR from Menlo Security

Menlo Security today announced it has been selected by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), one of Japan’s leading internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers to integrate its Isolation Platform into a new managed service offering. This cloud-based service is purpose-built for eliminating malware infections by safely isolating all web content away from end users’ web browsers. 

Risks from the web Continue to Increase

Today, a user’s device can be infected by malware simply by navigating to a compromised website or by clicking on a convincing phishing link. Any website can potentially serve malware, even those considered ‘safe’ such as respected news sites and popular entertainment sites. Conventional threat prevention products attempt to distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ content, and then implement policies intended to allow the good content and block the bad. This approach to threat prevention has failed as attackers have repeatedly proven that they can circumvent these detection products. A new approach is required. 

The Secure Browsing Service being added by IIJ leverages the security and scalability of Menlo Security’s Isolation Technology. This technology allows a seamless user experience where content is executed in a virtual container environment in the cloud, keeping it safely isolated from the user's browser on the endpoint. The user experience is essentially indistinguishable from a direct connection to the site, without requiring the installation of a software agent on the endpoint.   

IIJ Prevents Malware Infections

IIJ, in cooperation with Menlo Security, has created a cloud-based isolation environment to provide a secure, high-quality service that leverages IIJ’s extensive knowledge and expertise. The web content execution environment is built on IIJ's service facilities in Japan, and can be added as an option to the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service. 

“We are proud to be working with Internet Initiative Japan to power their Secure Browsing service,” said Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO of Menlo Security. “This collaboration between our companies provides great security benefits to IIJ’s customers by eliminating web-borne malware infections from malicious or compromised sites.”

IIJ Secure Web Browsing Benefits:

  • Reduces risk of malware infection by running web content in an isolated environment
  • All standard web browsers supported, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox and more  
  • No requirement for security appliances, endpoint agents or special browsers

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